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Insurance Claims

Leon Van Gelderen, PC in Atlanta, Georgia, we provide experienced representation for homeowners and businesses with insurance claims and insurance bad faith after a major loss due to injury, theft, fire, or other calamities. We protect your interests in the event of an unfair response from your insurance company to correct a dispute wherein your financial interests and those of your carrier are in direct conflict.

Insurance Claim Advocates

Insurance companies have experienced in-house insurance-defense counsel at their disposal, and you will need a worthy and experienced adversary like us for the best outcome. When it comes to bad faith litigation, insurance companies are more likely to settle fairly when you have a strong legal representative. Like all of our litigation services, we provide you with highly experienced litigators to resolve your claim issues.

You Have Options

Anyone who has been through the insurance claim process knows that insurance companies often live up to their reputation for making the process as difficult as possible. Between denials for coverage, lengthy investigations, and other stall tactics, claimants often feel like they have few options other than to settle for less than their claim is worth.

Home Owner Claims

We will not allow insurance adjusters to flim-flam you into settling without representation. We fight for fair compensation for insurance claims by carefully reviewing your basic policy, endorsements, and riders, and then battle for your compensation for:

• Fire Loss
• Water Damage
• Theft
• Building Collapse
• Mold Claims

Insurance Form


Fair Compensation

We will negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company and will work hard to maximize your claim. If a fair resolution cannot be reached through careful negotiation, we are ready to protect your rights in court regarding:

• Personal Liability Claims
• Property Damage Claims
• Homeowner Claims
• Bad-Faith Claims
• Condominium Claims
• Fire Loss Claims
• Commercial Insurance Claims
• Personal Injury Claims
• Life Insurance Claims
• Uninsured Motorist Coverage Disputes
• ERISA Claims