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Construction and Contract Lawsuits and Arbitration

Our legal team at Leon Van Gelderen, PC provides representation for all manner of construction litigation, contractor representation, and homeowner disputes in metropolitan courts in Atlanta, Georgia. From the beginning phases of construction up to the end stages of a project, we can provide effective legal representation, including:

• Contract Negotiation • Contractor Representation • Collections and Liens • Arbitration

Construction Disputes

Construction projects can create a breeding ground for conflict among many parties involved in the project. Contractor disputes, arbitration, or construction issues often arise when parties do not see eye to eye about contract obligations. Differences of opinion can escalate to disputes requiring mediation and arbitration.

Atlanta-Based Expertise

We assist with early mediation and full trial representation for contractor litigation matters. We offer expertise in Georgia state law as it pertains to your specific legal claims. Whether you are a home owner in a dispute with a contractor, or a contractor seeking legal defense in a construction litigation matter, we can assist you with swift resolution to all types of construction matters.


Mediation Resolutions

In order to resolve a dispute without going to court, we can assist you in mediating your construction litigation issue to close the matter swiftly with less stress than taking the issue to trial. We have extensive experience in resolving a wide range of disputes—before, during, and after construction projects.

Construction Pros

We speak the construction jargon and understand its customs that are specific to both residential and commercial construction disputes and negotiations. We have handled more than 100 cases to date, garnering favorable settlements through:

• Mediation • Court-Assisted Arbitration • Neutral Evaluation • Trial